Kursus 2016: Alexanderteknik


gruppesession mandag og tirsdag, begge dage kl 9-11:30,

herudover individuelle sessioner fordelt på mandag-onsdag



Gruppesessioner: Aalborg Kulturskole, Nordkraft, niveau 7, lokale 7 (dansesalen), Teglgårdsplads 1, 9000 Aalborg

Individuelle sessioner ifølge aftale



(Bemærk: kurset vil foregå på engelsk)

This workshop offers an introduction to the Alexander Technique for music and arts teachers.

We will look at how the Alexander Technique can:

  • enhance performance
  • relieve existing pain and injuries
  • be used preventatively for lifelong health

The group work will be in four sessions.

  1. Introductory Talk and Demonstration: Looking at the basic principles of the Alexander Technique and the process of learning it
  2. Breathing and Stress: Looking at the intimate relationship between breathing, body tension and stress reactions
  3. Working on Yourself: Learning to apply the principles of the Alexander Technique to your own activities
  4. Musicians’ Injuries: The Alexander approach to strained hands, stiff necks and other problems


In addition, each participant will have an individual session, in order to experience the unique “hands-on” work of the Alexander Technique.


The Alexander Technique has been helping performing artists to give their best for over 100 years. Through the Alexander Technique we can explore a more skilful “use of the self”: how we move, how we breathe, how we use our senses, how we stay still, how we balance, how we react, whether we waste our energy in muscular tension and stressful reaction, or whether there is an easier way.

The Alexander Technique combines a subtle and complete approach to body awareness, and the understanding of posture, breathing and movement, with a practical philosophy which works towards the calm choice of reaction, alertness to the present moment, and an emphasis on process rather than end result.



Tim Soar has taught the Alexander Technique both privately and at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama – one of the major UK music conservatoires and drama schools – for over twenty years. He has been visiting Denmark to teach for many years, and has been invited to present this workshop following his work with the staff of Frederikshavn music school in 2014.


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