Voice & Physique

v. Panda van Proosdij

Panda van Proosdij

Torsdag den 2. januar 2014 kl. 9-15 på Aalborg Kulturskole, Nordkraft, Teglgårds Plads 1, niveau 7, 9000 Aalborg

Målgruppe: Sanglærere, korledere m.fl.

This workshop is all about the combination of Voice and Physique which is based on the method/philosophy “Voice & Physique” by Panda van Proosdij. Apart from creating a healthy position of the body while singing, this method and philosophy contains three important interrelated components: energy, concentration and focus. Working on these elements can increase the level of musicality and dynamics which can result in a higher level of performing. Next to a supporting way of using the body it’s important to choose functional motion to add to the singing.

How much motion do singers need? Which movements are suitable for which musical pieces? These questions and more will be answered in this practical workshop on the basis of all kinds of exercises and tips.

Om Panda van Proosdij
Panda van Proosdij (NL) studied at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands and various theatre courses for example in Azzano(Italy), Wiesbaden(Germany) and New York. She is a guest teacher at Codarts, Music Theatre in Rotterdam and works with The Netherlands Children and Youth Choir as movement coach and director. Van Proosdij also visits different European festivals as teacher/atelier leader: Europa Cantat (Mainz-2006, Utrecht-2009, Bonn-2008 +2010, Pärnu/Estland 2011, Turin 2012) and for the AMJ Eurotreff (Wolfenbüttel-2007), FCEC 48 Festival Internacional de Cant Coral (Barcelona, 2013).

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